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The Paloma Bracelet-Eternity Bracelet


This gorgeous bracelet offers a subtle mixed metal design, soft warm gold against brilliant silver…perfection.

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Whether you're going for a well tailored look or simple and low key, this pretty handcrafted bracelet will surely fit the bill.

This infinity bracelet offers a subtle, yet vivid combination of brilliance and warmth.

The Paloma Bracelet is what I would call an eternity bracelet.  It offers both brilliance and warmth.  (As does each piece in this collection).  Argentium silver gives the brilliance and brightness.  While the gold exudes a soft, subtle glow.  It’s that warm feeling you get when you feel the sun on your face for that first time in early Spring.

Connecting each hammered circle, six in all, are two gold filled rings.  These circles are also referred to as infinity circles or infinity bracelet.

Each circle, as well as the clasp, have been handcrafted from Argentium silver.  Together with the clasp, it measures 6.5 inches.  Additionally, there is a 1.5 inch extender chain adorned with a smoky quartz gemstone.  

The Paloma Bracelet is an eternity bracelet that is  definitely eye catching.  But, if your looking to create a more dramatic effect, pair this with The Gemma Necklace or The Geena Earrings or both.  Both are the perfect complements to whatever your style is. 

If your preference is something a little more subtle, try The Amara BraceletYou’ll also want to take a peak at The Gabbi Bracelet.  Both are marvelous choices.

When it comes to jewelry…

“Does eternity mean the same thing as infinity?”

The most fundamental difference is the design. By definition, “eternity” means forever, always, while ‘infinity” means never-ending. Therefore, eternity is a never-ending circle.  Infinity is a figure eight symbol and also never ending.

Another explains the difference as:

• “Eternity is a concept that is temporal in nature and applies to things that are timeless.”

• “Infinity is a concept that applies to things that cannot be counted or measured.”

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