• The Petra Ring

The Petra Ring – Multi Gemstone Ring


Decorative styling brings these delightful gemstone together…creating a truly remarkable ring.

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Different colors, different stones, all clustered together to create this fun multi gemstone ring..

Let your imagination run wild. What do you see when you look at this silver gemstone ring. I see a colorful firefly.

The Petra Ring.  This multi gemstone ring gives off a fun, artistic and bohemian vibe.  Argentium silver accents only enhance it’s beauty.

Twisted silver roping wraps around the carnelian stone.  Both the onyx and chrome diopside are without accents.  There are three silver spheres clustered on one side.   Not only is the roping made from Argentium but the ring band and spheres are as well.

Let’s talk about the colors.  The onyx is as black as a moonless night.  As for the carnelian, I see a perfect burnt sienna.  To say nothing of the chrome diopside.  The most marvelous shade of green.  At first glance the color is the same shade as the grass in Springtime.  Look a little deeper and you notice the surface is transparent.  Underneath are pockets of deeper, darker greens.  Not to mention striations of bright Kelly green.  

All aspects of this ring have been hand crafted.  This includes the bezel cup, the twisted rope accent and the ring band.  However, the bezel is fine silver, not Argentium.

Unique to this ring is the adjustable band.  It’s currently a size 6 but can be adjusted either way.

You’ll also love how playful it is.  Start a conversation, let people come up with ideas as to what they see.

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Sunstone, Turquoise


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