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The Pilar Necklace – Wire Collar Necklace


Look no further…this necklace is the kind of “stand out” beauty you’ve only dreamed about.

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Elegant with contemporary style...this necklace is meticulously designed around this labradorite gemstone.

Never be forgotten with this gorgeous twisted wire collar necklace.

The Pilar necklace.  The meaning of which is elegance, style and strength

You’ll be mesmerized by the absolute beauty of the labradorite gemstone.  Afterall, it is the focus of this wire collar necklace.  You can’t help but fall in love with it.  In addition to the deep blue and aqua colors, it also ranges from turquoise green to amber yellow.  As a result, you now have a truly eye catching and contemporary piece of jewelry.

The gemstone sits on a silver plate with a decorative twisted wire accent.  A hammered wire bar gently curves at the top.

Two pieces of heavy gauge Argentium silver wire have been hammered flat to create the “braided” effect.  Additionally, both pendant and bail, as well as the curved bar are hand crafted.  All materials are Argentium silver.

This is definitely the one piece you’ll want to be seen wearing.

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