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The Rachel Earrings-Brushed Gold Earrings


These lovely gold hoop earrings are my submission to the stylist of an upcoming new series starring Rachel Weisz.

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These sparkling gold hoop earrings may be simple but they sure make an impression.

Gold post earrings are always classic but with the added hoop and brushed finish, they're now a contemporary style design.

The Rachel Earrings.  These brushed gold earrings are simply gorgeous.  Even though they’re anything but simple.   

Both hoop and post earrings are considered classic designs.  Put them together and the result is more contemporary and stylish.

All aspects of these lovely brushed hoop earrings are hand crafted from gold filled metal.  You’ll notice that the finish on the teardrop portion is designed to imitate a plaid design.

The hoops are hammered and polished to a high sheen.

You can’t go wrong with the versatility of The Rachel Earrings…perfect for any day of the week.  Or any occasion for that matter.

Because I’m a member of The Artisan Group, I have some of the most amazing opportunities.  This particular opportunity was to submit jewelry to be considered for use in a upcoming series.  Rachel Weisz is the leading actress in a remake of “Dead Ringer”.  Keep your fingers cross these gold earrings get selected.

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