• Green-Gemstone-Necklace-649
  • Green-Gemstone-Necklace-649
  • Green-Gemstone-Necklace-649
  • Green-Gemstone-Necklace-649
  • Green-Gemstone-Necklace
  • Green-Gemstone-Necklace
  • Green-Gemstone-Necklace

The Radha Necklace-Green Gemstone Necklace


Fall in love with the sophisticated elegance found in this sleek pendant styled necklace.


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This silver pendant necklace will definitely makes a statement.

Lush chrome diopside gemstone stands out against the brillance of silver in this chic gemstone necklace.

The Radha Necklace is a bold green gemstone necklace

Heavy gauge Argentium silver wire, hand cut and formed into a teardrop.  Within this teardrop is an enchanting chrome diopside gemstone.  Which sits nestled within a simple bezel cup.

Look closely at the chrome diopside stone.  Not only is the color a lush green but it also has a 3-D effect.  You can see flecks of bright green when turning the stone…just gorgeous.

Brilliant “figure eight” chain holds the pendant.  You’ll find citrine and tourmaline gemstones accenting the clasp.  Soft yellows and deep, rich greens…just gorgeous. 

Not only are the teardrop and bezel handcrafted but the clasp is too.  Both pendant and bezel cup have been hand forged and distressed.  By distressing, the finish becomes unique to each piece.

Different metals were used to construct the Radha Necklace…

  • First – Fine Silver for the bezel and solder.
  • Second – Argentium Silver for the teardrop, chain and clasp.

As a result, this green gemstone necklace is a luscious piece of jewelry.

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