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The Reese Ring-Bezel Solitaire Ring


Delicate, Dainty and Demure…just a few of the words to describe this lovely stone solitaire ring.

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There’s no denying how simply elegant this spinel gem ring is.

Stone solitaire rings are classic in design with both timeless and enduring beauty.

The Reese Ring is a bezel solitaire ring designed with the beauty of simpler times in mind.

A simple, solitaire spinel gemstone sits nestled within a fine silver bezel cup.  Which is accented by a beaded wire frame.  The stone itself has multiple facets which makes it sparkle at every turn.  Not only does the spinel stone have a certain translucency but also a spectacular color.  At certain angles lighter shades of purple appear.  Then darker shades appears when looked at from a different angle.

As a result you have quite a splendid bezel solitaire ring.

The band is a delicate Argentium silver wire, size 6-6.5.

Several types of metal were used in creating this The Reese Ring

  • Argentium silver was used for the ring band and the plate on which it sits
  • Fine silver for the bezel itself
  • Sterling Silver for the decorative bead frame

Furthermore, all aspects have been handcrafted.

What is special about Purple Spinel?

Purple spinel is considered a vivacious gem with mystical qualities. 

Also thought to be “mauve” in color… so subtle and complex is the fusion between warm and cold hues.

Fun Fact:

It’s said that the stone itself wasn’t discovered until the 1990’s so it’s a relatively new stone.  The “mauve” or purple spinel is thought to be somewhat rare.

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