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The Renata Rings-Spinel Stacking Rings


Are you a stacking rings person?  If so, you’re sure to fall for these luminous spinel and silver rings.

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Dress up your hand with these orange pink spinel rings. They sit nicely on your finger.

A spinel gem ring with a plain band...they fit perfectly together, like a favorite pair of worn in gloves.

The Renata Rings are fun spinel stacking rings that are sure to please.

First is the main ring, which is the focus in this set.    A vibrant spinel gemstone sits nestled within a fine silver bezel cup.  Which in turn sits atop a thin Argentium silver ring band.  I would say it’s not really pink or red but more of an orange pink.  Almost a light cranberry color.

Second is the plain ring band, also Argentium silver, hand shaped to lay perfectly with the shape of the spinel gem ring.

The plain band together with the spinel solitaire ring is just so splendid.  As a result, these spinel stacking rings are sure to get noticed.  Of course you can wear each on it’s own too.

The Renata Rings are size 7.

What is the Meaning of the Spinel Gem?

“The stone is believed to help people put their egos aside and become devoted to one another. The red color of the stone is also associated with longevity, passion, and devotion – a common characteristic of most red gemstones.”  I believe this particular stone could qualify as a shade of red.

Perhaps you favor darker colors.  The Reese Ring is a majestic shade of purple.

Furthermore, the spinel stacking rings make a perfect gift, whether for yourself or someone else.

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