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The Rosa Earrings-Pink Stone Earrings


The beauty of dangle earrings lives on in these captivating spinel earrings.

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These simple dangle earrings are the utmost in soft femininity.

Luscious, fresh and cheerful are a few of the feelings these pink stone earrings elicit.

The Rosa Earrings are lovely pink stone earrings that can’t help but bring a smile.

What makes these beautiful earrings one-of-a-kind?  Everything, from the their colors to their shape to their design.

  • First, each earring is a slightly different shade of pink.  One is soft and the truest shade while the other is more deep and rich. 
  • Second, each stone is shaped differently.  From soft corners to more angled and sharp. 
  • Third, the design is different for each as a result of the shape.  As with The Phoenix Bracelet, the color reminds me of a fine Rose’ wine but the other is more cotton candy or bubble gum, only translucent.  How fun is that!

Both ear wires and accents are Argentium silver.  The twisted rings are sterling while the bezel nests are fine silver.  All pieces are artistically hand crafted.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, rest assured that no one else will have spinel earrings like The Rosa Earrings.

Who should wear Spinel?

Although spinel is the birthstone for Virgo, everyone can wear this meaningful gemstone.

Spinel is an excellent gemstone for those involved in long and exhausting working hours. Western astrology recommends Spinel birthstone for Virgo sign. Those who wish to wear a protective charm with beauty and hardness almost equivalent to Sapphire and Ruby can also go for a natural Spinel gemstone.

If The Rosa Earrings aren’t your color, take a look at either The Vanessa Earrings or The Wyatt Earrings.  Both are grey-violet.

The Wyatt Earrings
The Vanessa Earrings


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