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The Sirena Ring – Boulder Opal Ring


Sometimes understated beauty makes the biggest impression.  This ring is both gorgeous and eye-catching.


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You can't help but be enthralled with this enchanting Australian Boulder Opal Ring.

This silver opal ring is sure to brighten your day.

The Sirena Ring.  She’s both powerful and enchantingThat’s what the name means.  It’s also true of this boulder opal ring.  On the surface you see dark chocolate browns.  However, just below the surface are rivers of toffee brown.  Sprinkled throughout you see vibrant Kelly green sparkles.  To say nothing of the sapphire blue that shows through in certain light.  Simply a magnificent gemstone.

A smooth finish plays across both the Argentium silver bezel and the surrounding wire frame.  The ring band has a brushed finish.  Accenting the Australian boulder opal are several silver spheres.  


  • Oval Shaped 20 x 14 mm – Size 7
  • Pear Shaped 20 x 12 mm – Size 7

All aspects of this boulder opal ring have been hand crafted.  This includes the bezel cup, the ring band and the accent plate.  However, the bezel is fine silver, not Argentium.  Because all aspects are hand crafted, you may find slight imperfections.

If you’re looking for a ring that’s a little more soft and subtle, try the Peruvian pink opal statement ring.  Or maybe The Adira Ring.  They’re both quite lovely.

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Oval, Pear


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