• Spinel-Pendant-Necklace
  • Spinel-Pendant-Necklace
  • Spinel-Pendant-Necklace
  • Spinel-Pendant-Necklace
  • Spinel-Pendant-Necklace
  • Spinel-Pendant-Necklace
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The Vera Necklace-Spinel Pendant Necklace


This gorgeous dainty pendant necklace was carefully designed with style and grace in mind.

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Sometimes the simplest of pieces have the most to say. That holds true for this grey spinel necklace.

A lovely gemstone necklace with just the right touch of soft and bold.

The Vera Necklace is a graceful spinel pendant necklace that you’ll love to wear.

A stunning grey spinel cabochon sit nestled within a silver bezel cup.  Although the color may be referred to as grey, you could just as easily say it’s violet or a grey-purple.  It’s also been described as the color of a twilight sky.  Either way, fabulous! 

Not only is the color mesmerizing, it’s pod-like shape makes this stone extra special.

A delicate twisted wire frame surrounds the gemstone, which only enhances the beauty of The Vera Necklace.  An oxidation technique was used to make the wire frame a little more pronounced.   As a result this spinel pendant necklace has a vintage feel. 

In the same fashion, twisted wire was also used to create the bail.

Delicate silver chain holds the spinel pendant.  Vibrant peridot gemstones connect the chain to the clasp.  Together with the pendant, the length is 19 inches.

Different types of silver were used to create this spinel pendant necklace. 

  • First, the twisted wire and clasp are Argentium silver
  • Second, sterling silver was used for the base and the chain. 
  • Third, fine silver was used for the bezel.  

Furthermore, all aspects have been hand crafted.

If you really want that “WOW” factor, pair them with the complementary Vanessa Earrings.

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