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The Winter Earrings-Rose Gold Dangle Earrings


Gifted to the stylist of “The Young & The Restless” for consideration…in association with The Artisan Group.

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You'll find these rose gold earrings to be a winning combination that exudes both warmth and coolness.

Want to dress up your jeans and tee or add a little dazzle to your LBD? These pendulum earrings will be perfect for either and everything in between.

The Winter Earrings are luscious rose gold dangle earrings.

Swaying from delicate rose gold chain is a single bar pendulum.  Coupled with both chain and pendulum is a corrugated sterling silver bead.  Which connects the pendulum to the chain. 

Silver is the perfect complement to rose gold…cool brilliance against the warmth of rose gold.  As a result the effect is a fun and fabulous pair of rose gold dangle earrings.

Together, the chain and bar dangle from rose gold ear wire.

Not only have the pendulum bars been hammered but the hand formed ear wires have been as well.  Hammering creates dimension and texture for the bars but adds strength to the ear wire.

What a perfect way to dress up those jeans or add a little more glamour to that little black dress of yours.

Do you love pendulum earrings that sway but maybe The Winter Earrings aren’t for you.  Or maybe you’re looking for a gift.  Here are a few other options…


Because I’m a member of The Artisan Group, I have the amazing opportunity to submit jewelry to stylist of various media outlets.  These rose gold earrings were gifted to the stylist of a the popular day time soap “The Young & The Restless”.

All pieces submitted are are for consideration purposes.

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