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  • Whiskey-Quartz-Ring
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  • Whiskey-Quartz-Ring
  • Whiskey-Quartz-Ring
  • Whiskey-Quartz-Ring
  • Whiskey-Quartz-Ring

Reagan Solitaire-Whiskey Quartz Ring


This is definitely not your ordinary whiskey quartz solitaire ring…both sophisticated and stylish.

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There's no denying the extraordinary beauty found in this whiskey quartz ring.

Make a subtle statement with this quartz solitaire ring.

The Reagan Solitaire ring is a magnificent whiskey quartz ring.

When you think of whiskey or bourbon, what comes to mind?  Undoubtedly color is one aspect that stands out.  This whiskey quartz is a perfect match…a deep, rich, elegant amber.

The whiskey quartz sits nestled within a fine silver bezel cup accented with decorative wire.  It sits on a silver plate which in turn, sits atop a hammered gold filled wire.  Each end of the gold bar is attached to a hammered Fine silver ring band.  In addition, the band is half an inch wide and fits a size 6 finger.

Multiple facets create a sparkling light show with each turn.  To say nothing of the gemstones translucent property.  As a result, The Reagan Solitaire is without a doubt, captivating.

All pieces have been handcrafted from Fine Silver.  Except for the gold band which is hand cut and textured from gold filled wire.

The Reagan Solitaire is a great choice if your style leans toward artisan jewelry.  Jewelry that’s both unique and well tailored. 

You may be wondering…

“Is Whiskey Quartz Rare?”

“Whiskey Citrine is a rare variation of Smoky Quartz. It has been found alongside the more common brown Smoky Quartz in several locations worldwide, including: Australia, Brazil. Whiskey Citrine is a type of golden-brown variety of Quartz, which is in turn a Silicate mineral.”


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