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The Ciara Earrings-Baltic Amber Dangle Earrings


Autumn, falling leaves, pumpkin spice…all these things will come to mind with these amber gemstone earrings .

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If you're an Autumn person, you'll fall in love with these silver amber earrings.

The vibrant color found in these Baltic amber earrings is simply dazzling.

These Baltic amber dangle earrings, also named The Ciara Earrings, are without a doubt a celebration of color.

When you look at these vibrantly colored gemstones, what do you think of?  I see cool, crisp Autumn days with colorful falling leaves and pumpkin spice. 

Oval shaped amber gemstones sits nestled within handcrafted bezel cups.  Made using fine silver.  Decorative silver accents adorn each amber cabochon.  In like manner, the ear wire has also been handcrafted.  However, they’re formed from Argentium silver.  

Do you like to match your jewelry pieces?  If you do, take a look at both The CoCo Ring and The Celeste Necklace.  Each is a perfect complement to these Baltic amber dangle earrings.

Does amber really have healing properties?

The short answer is “Yes”.

“Many people believe that the healing powers of stones are pure hearsay. But amber actually has a proven ability to reduce pain and inflammation. This power comes from the succinic acid within the stone.”

Fun Facts:

  • Amber has been found in more than 300 colors.
  • Most of the world’s amber is 30-90 million years old.
  • Since ancient times, it’s been used in rare and high-end perfumes.
The CoCo Ring
The Celeste Necklace

If you’re like me, you appreciate a suggestion or two on how to style your jewelry.  Here are a few ideas…



I am not affiliated with any of these clothing brands.  I am not selling any of these clothing brands.  I am merely showing ideas as to how my jewelry can be worn. 


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