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The Cleo Cuff – Moonstone Cuff Bracelet


A bold new look to add a bit of fabulous to your day.  Who wouldn’t want that!

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An "Old World" elegance together with contemporary styling makes this cuff bracelet perfect for today's fashion accessory

This head-turning moonstone cuff is so stylish and elegant, you'll want to where it everyday.

The Cleo cuff.  Moonstone cuff bracelet is well suited for today’s fashion conscious woman. 

An oblong moonstone, which measures 23 mm, sits nestled within a silver bezel cup.  It’s color is a creamy beige that appears to slightly change color, depending in how you look at it.  Moreover, because the coloring is so neutral, you can wear it with anything.  In fact, having gold strips running along the silver makes this bracelet even more wearable.  

As a matter of fact, because the moonstone is so unique, this silver and gold cuff is a One-Of-A-Kind piece.

In like manner, both cuff and bezel are hand crafted from fine silver.  As a result of putting these aspects together, you have a well tailored moonstone collar necklace.

Overall length is 6 inches.  Since the cuff is open, you can adjust it if need be.

The Cleo Cuff is part of a four piece series.  Most pieces in this series/collection have a Keumboo finish.  Which is described as “An ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to make silver-gilt”.  This gemstone cuff pairs beautifully with other pieces in this collection.  


  • The Cleo Necklace
  • The Cleo Ring
  • The Cleo Earrings

If you prefer carnelian, silver and gold or maybe citrine, silver and gold jewelry, other series in this collection would be nice options.  

In conclusion, you’ll definitely have fun playing around with this collection of pieces. 

The Cleo Necklace
The Cleo Necklace
The Cleo Ring
The Cleo Ring
The Cleo Earrings
The Cleo Earrings

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Necklace, Three Piece Set


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