• Pink-Tourmaline-Dangle-Earrings
  • Pink-Tourmaline-Dangle-Earrings
  • Pink-Tourmaline-Dangle-Earrings
  • Pink-Tourmaline-Dangle-Earrings

The Clove Earrings-Pink Tourmaline Dangle Earrings


Lovely pink tourmaline earrings are sure to delight.  The color is reminiscent of Barbie pink, dragon fruit or maybe cotton candy.

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Just wearing these brightly colored tourmaline earrings will surly lift your mood.

These sassy little tourmaline dangle earrings are both simple and statement worthy at the same time.

Pink tourmaline dangle earrings also named The Clove Earrings, are without a doubt, captivating.

Electric pink cabochons sit nestled within fine silver bezel cups.  Each stone has a puffed oval shape.  They’re the post part of the gemstone dangle earrings.  Not only are these stones smooth to the touch, they’re beautifully translucent. 

Accenting each post are two Argentium silver leaves.  In addition to being decorative, they also serve as the connector between the pink tourmaline stud and a green tourmaline gemstone bead.  The tourmaline bead is evergreen in color. and gently sways from the leaves.  The pink tourmaline is a purplish-red also known as fuchsia. 

Regardless of whether your going casual or dressy, The Clove Earrings will only enhance your style.

Several types a metal were used to craft these colorful tourmaline earrings…

Did you know?

  • That the color of pink tourmaline can range from soft pale pink shades to vivid reddish pink to hot pink.
  • In the past, deeply colored pink tourmalines were frequently mistaken for rubies, even fooling even kings and queens.
  • The last Chinese Empress of the Chi’ing Dynasty (Tz’u Hsi) discovered and fell in love with the tourmaline in the mid to late 1800s.

If you’re like me, you appreciate a suggestion or two on how to style your jewelry.  Here are a few ideas…

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I am not affiliated with any of these clothing brands.  I am not selling any of these clothing brands.  I am merely showing ideas as to how my jewelry can be worn. 


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