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The Eira Earrings-Black Star Sapphire Earrings


You’ll fall in love with the warm, velvety color found in these delicate black sapphire earrings.

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These black sapphire dangle earrings depict simple elegance at it's finest.

The beauty is in the deep, richness of color found in these sapphire gemstone earrings.

Black star sapphire earrings also named The Eira Earrings, are flat-out gorgeous.

Teardrop shaped sapphire cabochons make up both the stud and the dangle portions of these delightful sapphire earrings.

I would say the best feature of these teardrop sapphire earrings has to be their color.  In addition to appearing soft and velvety, the color is a rich mink with opalescent undertones.  Which is where the “star” aspect comes from.

I feel the need to point out that although the name “black star sapphire” implies they’re black in color, they are not.  These sapphires are a very dark, velvety brown. 

Each sapphire sits nestled within a handcrafted bezel.  However, the stud portion has silver accents while the dangle is un-adorned.

Dress them up or dress them down.  Either way The Eira Earrings will only add a level of richness to your style.

Several types a metal were used to craft these splendid sapphire earrings…

If you really want to make an impact, pair these black star sapphire earrings with The Evie Necklace.

Black star sapphires represent:

  • security
  • compassion
  • assistance

Fun Facts:

  • The most famous black star sapphire is the Black Star of Queensland.  It’s 733 carats.
  • The more transparent the stone is, the more valuable it is.
The Evie Necklace

If you’re like me, you appreciate a suggestion or two on how to style your jewelry.  Here are a few ideas…

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