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The Gabrielle Earrings – Silver Keumboo Earrings

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You can’t deny the beauty of fine silver with fused gold petals.

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Just the right touch of gold to warm the silver petals of these keumboo dangle earrings.

You'll be "Wowed" by the beauty of these simple, but oh so lovely silver dangle earrings.

The Gabrielle Earrings.  These silver keumboo earrings are a true delight.  You’ll definitely want to add them to your accessory collection.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the allure of the fine silver petals.  Gold foil has been fused onto the silver which makes them even more eye-catching.  Especially with their high sheen and sparkle.

Not only are the ear wires hand crafted from Argentium silver, but the fine silver dangles are as well.

As a result of putting all these aspects together, you have a truly unique piece of jewelry.  I’m pretty sure you won’t find anyone else wearing these silver keumboo earrings. 

The Gabrielle Earrings are part of a two piece series.  Jewelry in this series/collection have a Keumboo finish.  Which is described as “An ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to make silver-gilt”.  This necklace pairs beautifully with the earrings in this series.  

If you prefer moonstones, silver and gold or maybe carnelian, silver and gold jewelry, other series in this collection would be lovely options.  

In conclusion, you’ll definitely have fun playing around with this collection of pieces. 

The Gabrielle Necklace
The Gabrielle Earrings

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