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The Ivy Bracelet-Silver Pearl Bracelet


Sometimes simple can make the biggest impression.  This lovely bracelet definitely fits the bill. 


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What could be better than the simple elegance this Herkimer diamond bracelet radiates.

Pamper yourself with this exquisite freshwater pearl bracelet.

The Ivy Bracelet.  Simple, elegant, feminine and dainty are just a few words to describe this silver pearl bracelet.  

The Ivy Bracelet is just one of the pieces in The Champagne Collection.  What do you think of when you think of champagne?  Parties, weddings and celebrations will surely come to mind.

You’ll enjoy the elegance of pearls, garnet gemstones and Herkimer diamonds.  Where to start…your eyes will be drawn to the sparkling nature of the Herkimer diamonds.  Next are the shimmering, iridescent pearls.  To say nothing of the gorgeous garnet gemstones.  Their color is deep, rich and luxurious.

The clasp is hand cut and formed from Argentium silver.

Accenting the clasp is an extender chain.  With a petite pearl and a single garnet gemstone adorning the chain.

This silver pearl bracelet is approximately seven inches.  However, if more space is needed the extender chain offers an additional two inches.  Of course it also adds a decorative accent.

What do you get when you combine the stones with the pearls and diamonds?  You get a single strand bracelet that results in pure glamour.

In addition to The Ivy Bracelet, there’s also a pearl cluster necklace and pearl drop earrings.  Together they make a delightfully decadent statement.

The Ivy Necklace
The Ivy Earrings

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