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  • Iolite-Silver-Earrings
  • Iolite-Silver-Earrings
  • Iolite-Silver-Earrings
  • Iolite-Silver-Earrings
  • Iolite-Silver-Earrings

The Joy Earrings-Silver Iolite Dangle Earrings


You won’t be able to resist the warm, vibrant beauty found in these beautiful violet gemstone earrings.

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When understated grace and elegance make the biggest impact. That holds true for these iolite dangle earrings.

The beauty is in the deep, richness of color in these violet gemstone earrings.

Silver iolite dangle earrings or The Joy Earrings, are designed to flatter.

Pear shaped iolite cabochons are the stand-out feature to these silver dangle earrings.  To say nothing of the petite iolite gemstone bead and the gray onyx post. 

While both iolite bead and cabochon are a deep purple at first glance, the cabs have violet tones.  Especially when catching the light.  Because the bead has facets it will catch the light and sparkle.  Which only adds to the loveliness of these iolite dangle earrings.

Although the onyx post is gray, it exudes a silver metallic glow. 

As a result of all three components, the silver iolite dangle earrings are earrings you’ll want to add to your jewelry collection.

Dress them up or dress them down.  Either way The Joy Earrings will only add a level of richness to your style.

Several types a metal were used to craft these splendid onyx earrings…

If you really want to make an impact, pair these iolite quartz earrings with The Jovie Necklace.

What are the benefits of wearing iolite?

  • It’s very good at the healing of the eyes.
  • It restores the sense of perspective.
  • It aids in simplifying life.

Fun Facts:

  • Iolite is the gemstone for the 21st wedding anniversary.
  • Iolites name is from the Greek word ios, meaning violet.
The Jovie Necklace

If you’re like me, you appreciate a suggestion or two on how to style your jewelry.  Here are a few ideas…



I am not affiliated with any of these clothing brands.  I am not selling any of these clothing brands.  I am merely showing ideas as to how my jewelry can be worn. 


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