• Green-Amethyst-Necklace
  • Green-Amethyst-Necklace
  • Green-Amethyst-Necklace
  • Green-Amethyst-Necklace
  • Green-Amethyst-Necklace
  • Green-Amethyst-Necklace
  • Green-Amethyst-Necklace

The Lucy Necklace-Green Amethyst Necklace


Fall in love with the elegant yet simple green amethyst gemstone necklace.

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Sometimes the best treasures are found in the simplest of things. That can be said about this sparkling amethyst necklace.

You'll experience such pleasure when wearing this beautiful green amethyst pendant style necklace.

The Lucy Necklace is a stunning green amethyst necklace.

When you think of amethyst, shades of purple and lavender come to mind. Not the case though with this little beauty.  What you get is a soft hue of the palest of greens.

The amethyst gemstone sit nestled within a fine silver bezel cup.  What makes this extra special is the glint of gold that frames the amethyst.  The result is spectacular.  Not to mention the delicate Argentium silver chain.

Multiple facets create a sparkling light show with each turn.  To say nothing of the gemstones translucent property.

The bezel cup is handcrafted from fine silver as well as the clasp.  Petite pearls and faceted gold beads adorn the chain, at the clasp. Overall, the length is 18 inches with the pendant adding an additional 1 inch.

The Lucy Necklace is a great choice if your style leans toward artisan jewelry.  Jewelry that’s both alluring and well tailored.  I would also describe this green amethyst necklace as being simple yet elegant.

Several metals were used to create this dainty necklace:

  • First, Argentium silver for the bezel bas, clasp and chain
  • Second, fine silver were used for the actual bezel
  • Third, sterling silver for the extender chain
  • Last, but not least the open petal pendant is gold filled

“So, Who Can Should Wear Green Amethyst?”

“Green Amethyst stones represents the Mercury planet known for its holistic healing properties. Those seeking spiritual serenity, higher self-esteem, and physical strength must buy it. It is known to have no negative effects on its wearer and can be worn by anyone to achieve a stress-free life.”  Sounds good to me.

Fun Fact:

Green amethyst is thought to be very lucky. It is said to help reduce conflict and to bring luck. Some believe that green amethyst will bring wealth, fortune and good luck to its wearer.

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