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The Marisol Necklace-Tourmaline Pendant


I bet you’re going to love wearing this handcrafted, one-of-a-kind tourmaline pendant necklace.

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This charming tourmaline pendant necklace is sure to please.

The beauty is in the irregularly shaped tourmaline gemstone necklace and the artistic accents.

The Marisol Necklace is a splendid tourmaline pendant necklace.

Notice how your eyes are drawn to the remarkable blue tourmaline.  Next, notice the colors.  Not only will you find soft blue hues but deep ocean blues as well.  You’ll also see hints of turquoise.  Parts of the stone have a beautiful translucency while other parts are more opaque.  Three leaves accent the pendant.  Along with a cluster of “berries” which sit atop the stone.  Some might say it resembles a pineapple but I’ll leave that up to you.  

A delicate Argentium silver chain holds the tourmaline pendant.  Because the chain is so dainty, the pendant stand out. 

An extender chain sits at the clasp so that the necklace can be worn a bit longer.  A single carnelian briolette gemstone adorns this chain.  It’s a dazzling coral color.  Gray-blue apatite and softly hued citrine gemstones accent the clasp.  Just gorgeous.

Other than the bezel, all pieces have been handcrafted from Argentium silver.  Together, this real tourmaline pendant necklace measures between 20 to 22 inches.  

The Marisol Necklace is a great choice if your style leans toward the artsy side. 

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You may be asking..

“How common is Blue Tourmaline?”

Per AJS Gems…”Though tourmaline occurs in virtually every color, blue is in fact the rarest tourmaline color. The blue tourmaline that has attracted the most attention is the rare paraiba variety that was first discovered in Brazil in 1989, and then later in Nigeria and Mozambique. These gems, colored by copper, have an unusual neon-like quality that is coveted by collectors.

But all blue tourmaline is rare, even the non-copper-bearing specimens. The so-called Indicolite tourmaline, colored by iron, can vary from a light to a deep blue. Like most tourmaline, it is strongly pleochroic, meaning it shows different hues when viewed from different directions. An Indicolite will appear significant darker when viewed down the C-axis of the crystal and this must be taken into account when cutting the material. Poor cutting can result in a loss of transparency and brilliance, especially in darker specimens.”

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