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The Noel Earrings-Green Gemstone Dangle Earrings


Lovely green onyx earrings are sure to delight.  If you love the holidays, these gemstones will have visions of evergreen and holly dancing in your head.

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Both sparkly and velvety. The Noel Earrings are a true delight.

The beauty is in the deep, richness of color in these green gemstone earrings.

Green gemstone dangle earrings also named The Noel Earrings, are undeniably enchanting.

Irresistible green onyx cabochons sit nestled within silver bezel cups.  Each of the stones have a marquis shape.  However, they have a smooth surface as opposed to being faceted.  They’re the dangle part of the green gemstone dangle earrings. 

Sparkly, clear rhinestones are the post part of these onyx earrings.  Connecting the post to the onyx dangle is a petite chalcedony bead.  Also green in color. 

As a matter of fact, each stone is a slightly different shade of green.  The colors range from evergreen or holly with a little spearmint and wintergreen thrown in.  Consequently, all these rich velvety hues create a pair of enchanting dangle earrings.  

Dress them up or down.  Either way The Noel Earrings will only enhance your style.

Several types a metal were used to craft these splendid onyx earrings…

For a variation of these gemstone earrings,  take a peek at The Holly Earrings.

Is There a Difference Between Drops and Dangles?

Yes…most of us will interchange the terms drop and dangles but there is one defining difference.  Drop earrings are either small stones or decorative pieces that drop from a post or an ear wire BUT they don’t move.  They’re affixed to the ear component.  Dangles however, move or sway.

The Holly Earrings

If you’re like me, you appreciate a suggestion or two on how to style your jewelry.  Here are a few ideas…

Inspired Style


I am not affiliated with any of these clothing brands.  I am not selling any of these clothing brands.  I am merely showing ideas as to how my jewelry can be worn. 


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