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  • Red-Garnet-Earrings

The Sorrell Earrings-Red Garnet Dangle Earrings


Deep, rich red garnet gemstones flow like raindrops down silver stems with leaf accents. 

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You'll find these garnet dangle earrings to be timeless in their design and their beauty.

Glamorous, elegant and artfully designed are just a few of the ways to describe these garnet earrings.

Red garnet dangle earrings also named The Sorrell Earrings, are without a doubt, eye-catching.

Gorgeous red garnet gemstones seem to fall from silver stems…much like raindrops.  Each stone is both puffed and smooth.  Not to mention translucent.  The color is deeply rich and elegant with just a hint of earth tones.  

Accenting each of the three stems are two Argentium silver leaves.  In addition to being decorative, they also serve as the connector between the garnet raindrops and the Argentium silver ear wire. 

All aspects of these red garnet dangle earrings are hand crafted.  As a result, they’re truly a unique and lovely pair of gemstone earrings. 

Regardless of whether your going casual or dressy, The Sorrell Earrings will only enhance your style.

Several types a metal were used to craft these splendid garnet earrings…

Did you know?

  • Garnet is January’s birthstone and the gemstone for the 2nd wedding anniversary.
  • The term “garnet” actually refers to a variety of gemstones.
  • The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word granatus, which means pomegranate.
  • In ancient Egypt, pharaohs wore necklaces adorned with red garnets.

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If you’re like me, you appreciate a suggestion or two on how to style your jewelry.  Here are a few ideas…

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I am not affiliated with any of these clothing brands.  I am not selling any of these clothing brands.  I am merely showing ideas as to how my jewelry can be worn. 


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