• Lavender-Amethyst-Earrings
  • Lavender-Amethyst-Earrings
  • Lavender-Amethyst-Earrings
  • Lavender-Amethyst-Earrings
  • Lavender-Amethyst-Earrings

The Tatum Earrings-Lavender Amethyst Earrings


Fall in love with these splendid and glorious lavender amethyst dangle earrings…very dainty and demure.  Perfect for jeans and a tee or a night out.

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Sometimes the best treasures are found in the simplest of things. That's true for these amethyst dangle earrings.

Experience pure enjoyment when wearing these delicate and simple amethyst earrings.

The Tatum Earrings are  lavender amethyst earrings…simply elegant. 

When you think of amethyst, shades of purple and lavender come to mind. You’ll find these dainty dangle earrings to be the softest shade of lavender.

Each amethyst gemstone sits nestled within a fine silver bezel cup.  They gently sway from hand formed Argentium silver ear wires.

Not only are these beauties translucent but there’s a silvery shimmer below the surface.  As a result, these lavender gemstone earrings are positively mesmerizing.

The bezel cups were handcrafted from fine silver while the ear wires are from Argentium silver.

The Tatum Earrings are a great choice if your style leans toward artisan jewelry.  Jewelry that’s both alluring and well tailored. 

“What skin tones look best with lavender Amethyst?”

Here is a guideline according to The Classic Jewellers…

  • Light skin tones: Light skin tones tend to look great with lighter shades of amethyst, such as pale lavender or soft rose. These shades will add a subtle pop of color to your look without overwhelming your skin tone.

  • Medium skin tones: Medium skin tones look great with a variety of amethyst shades, from light lavender to deep violet. This skin tone can handle a bolder pop of color, so feel free to experiment with different shades to find the perfect match.

  • Dark skin tones: Dark skin tones look stunning with deep, rich shades of amethyst, such as deep purple or dark plum. These shades will provide a beautiful contrast against dark skin and help to bring out the natural beauty of the skin tone.

For more information on the healing benefits of Amethyst, visit…


What you get when you wear these delightful amethyst dangle earrings:

  • genuine amethyst gemstones
  • classic earrings that are timeless
  • the knowledge that a portion of the purchase price will be donated to help animals

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