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Vintage Turquoise Czech Glass Silver Necklace

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Kind of retro but with a little flair added to make these pieces oh so chic.

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The vintage look of these turquoise glass stones gives these pieces a definite retro feel

Whether you're feeling a little bohemian or perhaps a little nostalgic...this gorgeous pendant necklace will complement any style.

Vintage turquoise Czech glass silver necklace.  From my “Free Spirit” Collection.

Vintage could mean the stones are older or it could simply refer to the “look” of the stones.  Either way, they’re spectacular.  The color is an aqua blue with black striations and soft blue speckles.

Nestled within fine silver bezels and accented with simple wire framing.  Other than the bezel, all other materials are Argentium silver.  Not only is the bezel hand formed, but the bail and clasp have been as well.

Delicate Argentium silver chain runs through the bail.  There is a two inch extender chain at the clasp.  Adorning the clasp is a pretty little moonstone gem.  In addition, jet black Swarovski crystals adorn the chain at the clasp.


  • Necklace – 18 and a quarter inches with the extender chain adding two inches, if need be.
  • Bracelet
  • Bracelet/Necklace Set – You get an $18.00 price break with this option.

The length is 18 and a quarter inches with the turquoise pendant adding an extra inch and a quarter.  

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Bracelet, Bracelet/Necklace Set, Bracelet/Ring Set, Necklace, Necklace/Ring Set, Ring, Three Piece Set


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