• The Camilla Ring
  • The Camilla Ring

The Camilla Ring – Blue Lace Agate Ring


The beauty of this blue lace agate gemstone will spoil you for anything else.

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Make a statement with this lovely blue lace agate ring.

We've got your style with this agate and rhinestone statement ring.

The Camilla Ring.  Blue lace agate ring is a One-of-a-Kind piece of gemstone jewelry.  Soft hues of blue stands out against the brightness of Argentium silver.

You’ll find that the dominate color is a soft ice blue.  Darker shades of blue lace across the smooth surface.  Upon a closer look, you’ll see something truly unique.  Where the darker blues meet the light blues you can see into the stone.  It’s mesmerizing.       

The blue lace agate sits nestled in a silver bezel cup.  which in turn sits on a silver plate.  The bezel has a brushed finish while the plate has a high, polished sheen.  Three petite blue rhinestones accent the plate.

All aspects of this statement ring are hand crafted from Argentium silver, including the band.  However, the bezel is made using fine silver.  The ring is a size 7 1/2.

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Of course there are several others to choose from as well.  You can’t go wrong no matter which you choose.

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The Aurora Ring
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The Sirena Ring

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