• Silver-Paperclip-Necklace
  • Silver-Paperclip-Necklace
  • Silver-Paperclip-Necklace
  • Silver-Paperclip-Necklace
  • Silver-Paperclip-Necklace
  • Silver-Paperclip-Necklace

The Elsa Necklace-Blue Apatite Pendant Necklace


Fall in love with the sophisticated elegance found in this wonderful apatite gemstone necklace.


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What could be better than the tropical colors found in this eye-catching apatite necklace.

This gemstone necklace is artfully designed with multiple stones and silver...it's sure to please.

The Elsa Necklace.  A blue apatite pendant necklace that will undoubtedly become a favorite. 

Three magical apatite gemstones of different shapes and sizes.  Together, they create this silver pendant necklace.

First is a smaller gemstone in an oval shape.  Second is a medium sized oval gemstone.  Third is a teardrop shaped apatite.  Each stone is the color of a beautiful blue sky on a summer day.  To say nothing of the white fluffy clouds that seem to float across their surfaces.

Each stone sits nestled in a silver bezel cup.  These cups sit on an Argentium silver plate.  Each stone has different accents.  From simple silver “berries” to a beaded frame to a textured frame.  All aspects of The Elsa Necklace including the chain and clasp are hand crafted from Argentium silver.  However, the bezel is made from fine silver.

The chain is also Argentium silver in a paperclip style.  a faceted citrine gemstone adorns one side of the chain.

Put all these components together, the result is simply a spectacular blue apatite pendant necklace.  

Overall length is 20 inches.  The pendant itself adds another 3.5 inches.

Fun Facts:

  • The word “Apatite” comes from the Greek word “apatein,” which means “to deceive.” The name was given because Apatite gemstones are often mistaken for other gemstones, such as Aquamarine, Tourmaline, and Topaz.
  • It is found in a variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow, purple, and colorless. The blue variety is the most popular and is often used as a substitute for more expensive blue gemstones like Sapphire.
  • As an ore of phosphate (it is the most common phosphate mineral) to be used in: Pharmaceuticals. Ceramics. Silk. Textiles. Production of pure chemicals. Insecticides. Sugar refining. Manufacture of explosives.

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I’m sure you have an impeccable sense of style.  If you’re like me though, I love to see how others put a style together.  Here are a few pic designed around this necklace.

Inspired Style-The Jordyn Necklace-2


I am not affiliated with any clothing brands nor am I selling these brands.  I’m simply giving you suggestions as to how my necklace can be worn.


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