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The Everly Necklace-Labradorite Pendant


You love the versatility of this gorgeous gemstone necklace…it’s simple yet oh so elegant.


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Once you wear this beautifully designed, labradorite pendant necklace, you won't want to take it off.

So many style options with this silver pendant necklace...from jeans and a tee to your favorite LBD.

The Everly Necklace is an alluring labradorite pendant which hangs from a delicate strand of Argentium silver chain.  You’ll love the colors found in this stone.  Bright aqua blues with undertones of green and yellow.  Absolutely marvelous!  

This gorgeous natural labradorite stone sits nestled in a simple framed bezel cup.  In addition to both pendant and clasp being hand forged, so is the bail.  While the bezel is made using fine silver, the clasp and bail are Argentium silver.  I chose a hammered finish for the clasp.  Hammering adds texture and depth.

You’ll find a two inch extender chain which is adorned with a petite labradorite briolette.  Softly hued citrine and gray sapphire gemstones accent the delicate chain at the clasp.

The overall length is 19 inches with the pendant adding an additional 2 inches.  Not to mention an additional 2 inches from the extender chain, if needed.

Fun Facts:  Labradorite gemstones are used for the following purposes…

  • Physical: Amplifies the effects of healing prayers and affirmations.
  • Emotional: Aids in doing “inner work” to root out old negative patterns.

If bold and striking colors are more your style.  Or, you just want some variety.  Take a peek at both The Kali Necklace and The Alexandra Necklace.  Both are gorgeous options.

The Alexandra Necklace
The Kali Necklace


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