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The Paget Bracelet-Two Tone Bracelet


Want to make a statement?  You will with this captivating silver and gold bracelet.

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You'll have no trouble creating a dramatic look with this silver and gold bracelet.

This season's most wearable trend is found in this geometrically designed bracelet.

The Paget Bracelet is a lovely two tone designed bracelet.  She’s impeccably tailored and oh so chic.  

Take three sleek horizontal bars and add them to a warm gold filled plates and hammered silver circles.  Your result is a stunning two tone bracelet.  Each piece is hand cut from both Argentium silver and gold filled metal.  You’ll notice the silver bars have a hammered finish while the gold plate is brushed.  Both provide depth and character.  To say nothing of how the gold adds warmth to the brilliance of the silver.  As warm as an early Spring day.   

All aspects of this mixed metal bracelet have been handcrafted including the clasp.  Both clasp and bars are made using Argentium silver, as well as the circles.  Together with the clasp, it measures 7 inches.  

You may want or need your bracelet to be a bit looser.  If that’s the case, there is a 1.5 inch extender chain.  A gorgeous hessonite garnet gemstone, along with a grossular garnet and a smooth citrine adorn the extender.

The Paget Bracelet is the epitome of fashion.  You can wear her with any style.  Whether you’re going casual or doing a night out, she won’t disappoint. 

If your style is on the simpler side, try The Amara Bracelet or The Paloma BraceletIf you want to really make a statement, pair this bracelet with The Ophelia Necklace and Pari Earrings.  They’re both the perfect complements.

An often asked question is…

“What are the best metals to wear with my skin tone?”

One way is to look at your veins.

“Look at the veins on the underside of your forearm. Do they appear to have a green tint to them, or are they more blue in color? If you answered yes to green, then you have a warm complexion. Blue veins reveal a cooler skin tone” says Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Brian continues to say, another way is to look at your existing wardrobe.

“Make a list of the colors you see in your wardrobe – this will help you determine not only the hues you are drawn to but will also reveal what colors look best on you”.

“If your wardrobe consists of a lot of jewel tones, such as pinks, purples, and reds, or neutral hues like beige then you most likely have cool toned skin”.

“Warm skin tones tend to look better in earthy tones. If you have a lot of green, yellow, coral or turquoise in your wardrobe, or believe you look better in a crisp white rather than a cream, then you definitely have a warm complexion”.

Once you’ve discovered your skin tone…

Cool tones should stick to silver or platinum metals.

Warm skin tones call for warm metals, like yellow and rose gold.

Don’t let this scare you away from wearing both at the same time.  Wearing mixed metals is very fashionable.  There’s no end to the combinations.  If your skin tone dictates a certain color, make that the predominate metal but add a little of the other.  You’ll be stunning. 

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