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The Rilee Necklace-Gemstone Necklace


Fall in love with the sophisticated elegance found in this wonderful multi-gemstone necklace.


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A winning combination of gemstones create this striking pendant style necklace.

This gemstone necklace is artfully designed with multiple stones and silver...it's sure to please.

The Rilee Necklace.  A gemstone necklace that will undoubtedly become a favorite. 

Three magical and different gemstones together create this silver pendant necklace.

First is a chrysocolla stone.  From deep blue to a more soft aqua blue.  Look closely and you’ll see specs of orange and dark greens.  Second is a softly hued lavender amethyst.  It’s transparency only adds to the allure  Third is a chyrsophrase gemstone.  A soft luscious green with black striations and clouds of cream.

Each stone sits nestled in a silver bezel cup.  These cups sit on an Argentium silver plate.  Each plate has a different textured finish from hammered to brushed.  All aspects including both bail and clasp are hand crafted from Argentium silver.  However, the bezel is made from fine silver.

The chain is also Argentium silver in a figure eight pattern.  You’ll find amethyst gemstone beads accenting the clasp.

Put all these components together, the result is simply a spectacular gemstone pendant necklace.  

Overall length is 17 inches.  The pendant itself adds another 3 inches.

Not only is amethyst the January birthstone but also a representation of protection and purification.  Chrysocolla represents communication, gentleness and power.  Chyrsophrase stands for growth, compassion, forgiveness and altruism.

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