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  • Amethyst-Pendant-Necklace
  • Amethyst-Pendant-Necklace
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  • Amethyst-Pendant-Necklace
  • Amethyst-Pendant-Necklace

The Taryn Necklace-Amethyst Necklace


Fall in love with the sophisticated elegance found in this wonderful amethyst necklace.


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The beauty is in this majestic amethyst pendant necklace. Definitely a statement making piece.

Turn heads while wearing this splendid silver pendant necklace.

The Taryn Necklace.  An amethyst necklace that will undoubtedly become a favorite. 

A large amethyst gemstone measuring 25 x 35 mm sits within a fine silver bezel nest.  You’ll find the color to be a deep, rich and elegant purple.  Light lavender striations run throughout.

Delicate, faceted teardrop shaped amethyst gemstones adorn sections of the chain.  Additionally, you’ll find petite amethyst and citrine beads also adorn sections of chain.

The Argentium silver chain is a long and short style.  All aspects including both bail and clasp are hand crafted from Argentium silver.  However, the bezel is made from fine silver.

You’ll find another teardrop shaped amethyst accenting the 2 inch extender chain.

Put all these components together, the result is simply a spectacular gemstone pendant necklace.  

Overall length is 18 inches.  Of course you can make it up to 20 inches if you take advantage of the extender chain.  Also, the pendant itself adds another 2 inches.

Not only is amethyst the January birthstone but also a representation of protection and purification.

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