• Spinel-Drop-Earrings
  • Spinel-Drop-Earrings
  • Spinel-Drop-Earrings
  • Spinel-Drop-Earrings
  • Spinel-Drop-Earrings
  • Spinel-Drop-Earrings
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The Wyatt Earrings-Spinel Drop Earrings


Dainty, elegant, feminine, bold, classic…all right here in these wonderful spinel earrings.

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There’s no denying how elegant and richly colored these gemstone drop earrings.

Pure enjoyment comes from wearing these classically designed genuine spinel earrings.

The Wyatt Earrings, also known as spinel drop earrings, are most definitely captivating.

Stunning purple spinel cabochons sit nestled within silver bezel cups.  Although the color may be referred to as purple, you could just as easily say they’re violet or a grey-purple.  In the same fashion some have said the color of these dainty drop earrings reminds them of a twilight sky.  Whatever color you see, they’re magical!

Equally important is the shape.  Each stone is slightly different.  This just makes the spinel drop earrings even more special

Furthermore a delicate beaded wire frames each of the gemstones.  Again, enhancing the beauty of The Wyatt Earrings.  An oxidation technique was used to make the wire frame ”pop”.  As a result, you get a vintage feel.

Different types of silver were used to create these silver drop earrings. 

  • Argentium silver was used for the ear wires. 
  • Sterling silver was used for the base and the beaded wire.
  • The bezel cup is fine silver.  

All aspects have been hand crafted.

If you’re looking to really make a statement, pair them with The Whitley Necklace.

Is There a Difference Between Drops and Dangles?

Yes…most of us will interchange the terms drop and dangles but there is one defining difference.  Drop earrings are either small stones or decorative pieces that drop from a post or an ear wire BUT they don’t move.  They’re affixed to the ear component.  Dangles however, move or sway.

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